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We highly value those who have worked together and become our constant clients. For us, it is an honor and a pleasure to be their business partner.

 Buyers Guide

There has been an explosion of companies that claim to do Industrial PC selling. In order to help you in your quest for a “True” Industrial PC Supplier, we have developed a list of 7 simple questions to ask potential vendors.

  1. Are they experienced enough in selling Industrial PC?
    Perhaps they are just beginners and inexperience with the products they sell. Please don’t take a risk by taking a wrong company, lack of knowledge and experiences can renders your machine downtime. We have done various projects and troubleshooting system control more than 7 years, including selling products, engineering service, programming and even installation.
  2. Are they expert in selling their product?
    What will happen when customer having problems with the product they have bought? In Jakarta there are many of Industrial PC Suppliers. They just sell the product but not expert in mastering the product they sell. Customers could be getting wrong information and buy wrong products. We dedicate our time to help customers finding the best solution. We are ready to help our customers for free of charge.
  3. Ask them whether there is warranty for the product you buy.
    We give you 1 year warranty for all Industrial PC products.
  4. Have you got experience buying too expensive stuff or you feel being cheated?
    We sell only original products with competitive price. We don’t sell fake products, stolen stuffs or stuffs have been used before. We don’t like to cheat our customer.
  5. How is the quality of the programming service, installation and solution they offer you?
    We don’t dare to offer programming service and installation which we’re not sure doing it. We do just certainly like what we offer. No extra fee for PO as we deal. Therefore we need to discuss with our customer about the design, and solution they want for certain case. We can visit your factory and make survey.
  6. Do you wait too long for the answer of quotations?
    We are able to answer our customers in 1 working day (max 4 days), if the specifications and the model is completed. When we can’t answer during 4 days, we will make confirmation. We don’t want to make our customers waiting too long for we value your time.
  7. Have you contacted us today?
    Get our best service through various information that we give to our customers. As a Vendor, we hope you would be our good customers and having good business relationship with us. We prefer do business with a customer that don’t make unhealthy competition among suppliers. They shall not deliberate pending our payment. A good business relationship between Suppliers and Customers is mutual benefit.

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