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LPC Interface NVRAM Module

Main Features

  • Signal Going by Low-Pin-Count ( LPC ) Interface
  • NVRAM 1-Mbit x 4 On Module
  • No Extra Power Input Needed
  • 3.3V Extra Power Input Connector On Board (To Support The Stability, If Needed)
  • Grounding Connector x 2 for The Signal Clear
  • 690 Micro Seconds For Writing One Block Data (255 bits inside) In The Office Temperature, Around 25°C~30°C (Data From LPC Connector to NVRAM)
  • 690 Micro Seconds For Reading One Block Data (255 Bits Inside) In The Office Temperature, Around 25°C~30°C (Data from NVRAM Connector to LPC Connector)
  • Windows® XP and Windows® 7 support
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LPC Interface NVRAM Module

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