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Qseven CPU Module with Onboard Freescale® i.MX6 Dual lite/Quad ARM Cortex A9 Processor
Main Feature
  • Freescale® i.MX6 Dual lite/Quad Processor
  • Onboard DDR3 800 Memory 1GB (Dual lite);Onboard DDR3 1066 Memory 1GB (Quad)
  • Gigabit Ethernet x 1
  • 24-bit Dual-Channel LVDS LCDs (Quad)
  • I2S Audio Interface
  • SATA x 1 (Quad), eMMC (Optional)
  • USB2.0 x 5, PCI-Express[x1]x 1
  • Qseven Module Size, 70mm x 70mm , Qseven Rev. 2.0
Specifications Ordering Information

AQ7-IMX6 CPU module is a tough module with temperature support even for harsh environments. It can operate in extreme temperatures from -40°C to +85°C. AQ7-IMX6 CPU module has a measurement of 70mm x 70mm and can support mobile and handheld devices.

The AQ7-IMX6 adopts the Freescale® i.MX6 Dual lite/Quad ARM Cortex A9 Processor. It accommodates 1GB of DDR3 memory on the module. This compact module features an 24-bit dual channel LVDS interface for connecting popular LCD display panels. I/O demands are well met by the five USB 2.0 ports, one SATA ports, one PCI-Express (x1), as well as an optional eMMC interface for additional I/O expansion.

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