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About Us

Moscads Exousia, Pt is a company which provides SCADA System Solution (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and Control System Consultant for various projects. Moscads was established in 1999, stand for Maintenance of Supervisory Control and Development System.

We have experience in design and implementing SCADA systems to various types of applications, both in industry and in high rise building. SCADA systems that we install, proved very helpful to customers in the field. Any area of the factory can be controlled with a push button computer. It's amazing!

In the field of Automation, we are a supplier for PLC, Inverter, Servo, Mitsubishi brand. In addition, we also sell the Automatic Weather Station, Water Level, and other Instrument equipment.

In Computers, we are most complete Industrial Computer supplier, with various Industrial PC (IPC) strong chassis, operation temperature -15C ~ 65C, anti vibration, small size, and waterproof. Industrial Computers that we sell proven durable period of operation. Many Factories choose to buy Industrial Computer with us, because of quality considerations.

Moscads Exousia, Pt is progressing and becoming reliable company in Indonesia and overseas as well.




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Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta 135 No. B-11 Jakarta Pusat 10730 Indonesia


(021) 6259727, (021) 6240234